Graphics Studio is a professional Image Post Production Company with its main studio located in Dhaka, Bangladesh (GMT+6). We provide services to help reduce the cost of image post-production for Web shops/e-commerce, Photography, Fashion, Advertising and Digital Marketing Agencies. A pool of experienced professionals is always ready to provide service for any Image Post Production.

KEEP THE CLIENT DELIGHTED is the main motto of the organization and thus we work hard to provide every image as READY TO PUBLISH whether for Web or Print.

Distinguishing factors of Graphics Studio compared to other horizontal companies are –

  • Customer Satisfaction: Customers’ satisfaction is our main priority. We deliver the processed images the way the customers want them to be delivered.
  • On time delivery: Time saves money, especially in the business we operate. Every delivery is ensured at least one hour prior to the agreed deadline.
  • Round the clock service: As we work 24/7, order can be placed any time of the day and can be completed and uploaded within required timeline.
  • Proficient human resources: No matter how complex the task is we have a wide range of professionals to serve. Moreover, continuous improvement through training takes place round the year.
  • Timely Follow-Up : From image receive to upload, the customers are notified by email, IM or SMS in every stage of the work.e.g. Receipt of Image, Status of Production, Status of Quality Control (QC), Final Check, Upload, Completion of Upload.
  • Customized services: Every customer has their own requirement and preference. Our service is delivered keeping in consideration the variety of preferences.





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