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Image Shadowing come in handy for web shops that sell different products on web. It gives the images a fresh new look by adding shadow. It helps to show visitors a better view experience that influences them to buy a product. All types of e-commerce shop especially who sells smaller items like belts, watch, toys, jewelry, shoes found it very crucial to showcase their product on web.

Image Shadowing comes in few variations –


Natural Shadowing

When a shadow placed on the opposite direction of the light source, a natural shadow created. To get it done background need to remove, replaced with a white background and form a shadow to look natural. It used in Product Catalog design, Magazine and Advertisement design and Product brochure.

Drop Shadow

Showcasing product with 3D illustration has been made easy by drop shadowing service. Viewers get the same flavor if placed in a white or black background. If done by professional, it feels that the product is raised above the things behind it. Catalog Advertisement, Newspaper Designers and Retail shoppers frequently use this service.

Reflection Shadowing

Reflection shadow lets the viewer show the product next to a mirror or glass. Reflective shadow is usually a drop shadow by cloning the same image in a lower opacity. It gives a full 3D effect to an image and sometimes look bigger than it actually is.

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